Revitalising the retail experience

CREATIVE 23 Oct 2017

With shoppers favouring online deals over physical stores, retailers across Australia are looking to step up their game big-time to win back shoppers. And with a recent US study revealing that 72.1% of shoppers felt that the in-store experience was dull, it’s a huge opportunity to turn things around.

One of the key trends driving a more exciting, immersive in-centre customer experience is retail installation. Part art installation, part brand activation, a retail installation worth its salt draws people in during centre hours, and has them sharing on social media after hours.

With Kinc’s roots firmly in retail, we’ve always looked for new and exciting ways to delight and thrill shoppers – and keep our clients’ centres at the top of their minds.

Whilst a stunning installation certainly looks impressive, the best installations are tied directly to a marketing strategy and generate genuine engagement – like social shares, sales and event attendance and so on. And our marketing expertise means we see the bigger picture of how installations are a launch pad to conversations and connections with shoppers.

So, when Melbourne’s Springvale Homemaker Centre (SHC) asked us to create something special to engage shoppers during the quieter winter season, we had a great idea. Our campaign embraced the season with big energy, encouraging people to escape the winter chill and have fun under cover in-centre. This allowed the centre to celebrate winter with sales, events and fun indoors. We created a colourful installation of 111 umbrellas and 295 raindrops, suspended from the centre’s light-rails.

And to increase online engagement, an Instagram competition garnered engagement of over 1,000 in shares and likes.

An earlier installation celebrating Lunar New Year at SHC saw the centre filled with vibrantly lit Chinese lanterns. And with a 2.2% increase in foot traffic and loads of engagement on social media.


This Spring, Sydney fashion juggernaut, Chatswood Chase sought Kinc’s expertise on a retail installation that would make a serious sartorial statement. Our idea? Eight two-metre high heel sculptures, embellished with hundreds of silk roses in spring colours to celebrate the new season.


And when spring sprang at Melbourne’s Springvale Homemaker Centre, we launched the season with a stylish campaign and covetable installation. Ten visual merchandising spaces were decked out as ten room looks for the home, from kids bedrooms, lounge rooms and studies to indoor and outdoor dining – with each look up for grabs by voting in-centre. A beautiful look book accompanied the campaign and installation, along with in-centre lift decals, posters and on socials.


For Spencer Outlet Centre’s spring campaign ‘Style and the City’, we engaged talented local artist, Paul Vizzari to create four illustrations of Melbourne. With each scene featuring a different part of the city, the centre could showcase four distinct fashion styles – from race-wear and work-wear to casual and active wear.


SOC Spring 2 Large

SOC Spring 1 Large

Because we’re always thinking about creative new ways to elevate the in-centre experience and bring more shoppers in-store, get in touch with us to see what ideas we can bring you! Our ideas for installations are always driven by our clients’ marketing strategy and objectives, so they’re always on-brand and on-trend.