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We love crafting brands to stand the test of time

We’re a branding and creative agency that brings brands to life with clever thinking & captivating stories that connect with people.

Because our work traverses diverse industries, we’re always delivering fresh, no holds barred thinking to everything we do. That means you’ll always get smart solutions and big picture ideas from us.


We’ve collaborated with big names in

Retail / Banking / Fashion & Beauty / Entertainment / FMCG / Government / Health  & Medical / Pharmaceutical / Insurance / Recruitment / Energy / Legal / Consulting / and lots more

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Meet our team

We’re an eclectic and passionate team of professional idea catchers, big-picture brainiacs, word wizards, succinct storytellers, inspired illustrators and multi-skilled managers. Come meet team Kinc.

Keith Couzinwood

While on the path to becoming a hotshot lawyer, Keith took a left turn into the land of marketing. Keith has serious smarts and an entrepreneurial spirit that millennials can only dream of. Imaginative and industrious, nothing gives him a bigger thrill than breaking the rules to make way for a great idea.

Youthful Logic
The film Stand By Me always takes Keith back to his youth, inspiring him to be playful, creative and fearless.

J-Ann Tan
Partner | Operations Director

More organised than a Kikki.K shop, our Queen of Getting Things Done is a whiz with details. Whether she’s working a new campaign, playing mum to her baby girl or project managing a house reno, this straight shooter is blessed with serious superwoman skills.

Total Recall 

J-Ann can name any Whitney Houston or 90s RnB song within 2 seconds of play.

Kelly Giansiracusa
Client Services Director

With 18 years of client and agency experience under her designer belt, Kelly is the Ultimate Problem Solver. It’s her holistic perspective of strategic and creative processes that makes her an MVP. Kelly’s done some seriously impressive work – like launching JetStar in Australia and a nation-wide TVC shoot for Australia Post – and brings insightful thinking and energy to every job.

Food, Fashion & Far-Flung Shores  
Kelly’s perfect day is complete with good conversation and a cocktail after a day of shopping, preferably somewhere exotic.

Maricarmen Rubi Baeza
Creative Director

Profile coming soon!

Narelle Dorigo
Senior Account Director

Combine Reese Witherspoon with Drew Barrymore and you get Narelle. She’s a type-A, goal-oriented ray of sunshine who lights up the room with passion and possibility. This mum of three credits her hard-working parents and laid-back Queensland upbringing for her next-level work ethic and keep-it-real attitude.

Competitive streak
Narelle used to compete against a pre-Olympics Haley Lewis – and sometimes won!    

Jenny Gustavsson
Senior Graphic Designer

Between Stockholm, London, Sydney and Melbourne, Jenny’s been gracing the world with her designs for over a decade. Charming and cheeky, Jenny’s partial to some good Champagne, history podcasts and death metal – the scream-ier, the better. And while her tea and British TV consumption are the hallmarks of an Anglophile, Jenny’s now a proud Melbournian. 

Princess of Darkness
Jenny + Ozzy Osborne = True Love. 

Marc Bonnici
Senior Graphic Designer

Marco may claim he’s too fabulous to function, but truth be told, he’s a superstar 24/7. Clever, creative and always on point, he’s got all the hallmarks of a graphic designer extraordinaire. With dance moves to rival Madonna and a show-stopping voice that would turn even Barbra’s eyes green, there’s no doubt Marc would’ve been an icon at NYC’s underground ballroom parties in a past life.

Currently Bingeing
RuPaul’s Drag Race, Broad City, pasta from DOC espresso and Nutella gelato from Pidapippo.

Lydia Sumner
Senior Graphic Designer

If there’s one word to describe Lydia, it’s calm. So it’s only natural that this mermaid-like creature’s best ideas surface when she’s floating in the ocean. She breezes through the Kinc office with her ‘I’ve got this’ vibe, awash with possibility, which also makes her incredibly skilful at creating engaging brand experiences.

Life in Motion
Lydia makes the most beautiful kinetic mobiles with her husband Paul for their brand, Fellows. Check them out here.