Client —

Project objectives —
Whether for brand, customer lifecycle or regulatory work, AGL relies on Kinc to produce high quality creative communication that cuts through to its customers.

Results —
From onboarding, engaging direct mail pieces, bill messaging, energy efficiency
guides, press ads, meter reading guides and customer contracts, every piece is designed to enhance the experience for AGL customers and prospective customers.

Our creative —
Creative execution / Finished art / Print management

“I’ve worked with Kinc for years and have had nothing but positive experiences. The nature of our industry means that a lot of tight turnaround jobs. Kinc have always been understanding and accommodating of this – doing everything they can to meet our tight deadlines – and delivering outstanding results.”

– Susie Kralevski, AGL Marketing Manager, Regulatory & Operations

"I love working with Kinc because they’re always friendly, responsive, flexible and understands what I am trying to achieve. It doesn’t matter if my request is very vague, or super specific, the Kinc team is able to understand my needs and get back to me with drafts and new ideas very quickly."

- Tamara Grubor-Busatlija, AGL Marketing Specialist, Regulatory & Operations