Brand strategy, Creative direction


Client —

Project objectives —
GMCU, a member-owned credit union in regional Victoria, needed to make its business more sustainable and relevant to its communities.

We conducted in-depth market research into GMCU’s brand and leveraged those insights to inform the brand’s new strategic and creative direction.

Results —
We transformed GMCU’s brand from seemingly old-fashioned and exclusively Victorian, to one that is truly dynamic, future-focussed and accessible, by reflecting its diverse members and communities.
In support of GMCU’s new positioning ‘banking with purpose’, we developed a vibrant, contemporary and personable visual identity, with bright colours, emotive imagery and messaging. The new brandmark and tagline perfectly captures the value of community, making a difference and putting members first.

Our work —
Brand discovery / Market research / Brand strategy / Brand creation / Campaign concepts / Brand guidelines

“This rebrand has absolutely landed as a success story and changed the face of our organisation. Its high impact stuff that we can own and we are thrilled with where it landed. For us, the brand refresh is the gift that keeps on giving. Our brand story has distilled our journey in such a lovely way and every day we find something so nuanced.”

– Melissa Ralph, CEO GMCU

"Brand Discovery has been really useful in moving us beyond quantitative data to really qualitative feedback…and gave us a real depth of understanding that we wouldn’t be able to achieve any other way. It helps us to move forward in a number of ways…with tangible feedback that we can really connect to and resonate with how we’d like to move the brand forward. And the confidence it gives us that our members and community members want to be part of that journey."

- Melissa Ralph CEO, GMCU