Kinc service agreement

Terms & Conditions

Job briefs
Comprehensive, complete and clear briefs ensure the best results. Briefs and other supporting materials are required for Kinc to accurately estimate costs, timeframes and complete the work in accordance with agreed project delivery timelines

Client responsibilities
You must follow all instructions provided by Kinc and provide to Kinc all information and materials requested by Kinc, in a timely manner.

Kinc will request your feedback and changes at certain stages of undertaking the process of designing and delivering your job. These changes and amends must be sent to Kinc in a timely manner. Sending excessive or multiple emails may cause important details to be missed and may result in you incurring additional charges.

All estimates and quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.
Three rounds of fair and reasonable changes are included in all estimates and quotes, unless otherwise specified.
Any additional changes you may require after these three rounds will be estimated.
A purchase order number is to be supplied to Kinc at date of quote approval.
Kinc reserves the right to change the price in the event of a variation to Kinc’s quote.
At Kinc’s sole discretion, a 50% non-refundable deposit may be required.
GST and other taxes that may be applicable will be added to the price except when expressly specified as included in the price.

Quality control
The client is responsible for providing accurate and complete information to Kinc in a timely manner. All quotes provided by Kinc include one round of proofreading, unless otherwise specified. Upon approval by the client, Kinc is not accountable for any errors.

Payment terms
As a small business, we appreciate prompt payment for our work as outlined below:
Invoices must be paid within 14 days of issue.
Late payments will be on-charged any related interest incurred by Kinc.
50% deposit payment prior to commencement may be required for large jobs (catalogues, websites, brand work, installations etc.)
Outstanding invoices equal to or greater than $5,000 AUD may result in suspension of services until paid in full.
Payment for approved clients shall be made in instalments as per the agreed payment plan set out by Kinc.

Payment methods
We have two very simple and straightforward ways of making payment, direct deposit or cheque.
Account name: Kinc Agency Pty Ltd BSB: 083-004 Account No: 74 161 7913
Cheque made out to Kinc Agency Pty Ltd

Project timelines
Kinc will provide a time estimate that outlines when your job can be completed. This time frame is an estimation only.
As our client, you must make every effort to follow instructions provided by us and provide the required information to Kinc in order to facilitate delivery times and correct specifications.
Delays in providing the required information to Kinc may result in delays in job delivery.
Kinc will make all reasonable efforts to provide the completed job by the estimated date but does not accept liability for any costs incurred, loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) compensation or loss of earnings due to any failure to meet agreed deadlines.
If you require Kinc to make changes to the completed job after it’s delivered, an estimate for the new works will be raised at an agreed hourly rate.

Cancellation of jobs
We appreciate that plans can change from time to time. If you do need to cancel a job that we’ve already started work on, please let us know as soon as you can.
Jobs that are approved and then cancelled after Kinc has begun work may be charged as follows:
50% of total invoice if cancelled within 30 days of delivery date
75% of total invoice if cancelled within 21 days of delivery date
100% of total invoice if cancelled within 14 days of delivery date
Job cancellation must be in writing to your Kinc Account Manager.

Intellectual property
As our client, you own the copyright to any text or assets you supply to us, as well as the final artwork file (generally a print-ready PDF). Unless agreed and stated otherwise, Kinc owns the copyright of any concepts and non-final artwork, as well as working files, which remain intellectual property of Kinc. Kinc also holds the license to fonts, stock imagery and elements created by us.

Access to working files
If you’re likely to need access to our design working / native files at job completion, it’s a good idea to discuss this with us at initial briefing stage.
These working files may be supplied to you on approval of quote. Working file supply costs may range from 10% to 50% of the total job cost.

Suspension of services 
Necessary information to clearly state where we all stand in any such unfortunate event.
Kinc reserves the right to suspend or cancel our services provided to you, if:
You have any outstanding invoices or accounts;
Your account is in dispute or the subject of a dispute resolution procedure, court order, judgment, finding or determination;
You fail to comply with any provision of the terms and conditions set out in this Service Agreement or any other policy, directive or requirement notified to you by Kinc.